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Prelude to Wedded Bliss

My niece recently got married and I was a bit apprehensive about attending. I have a wonderful relationship with her and her betrothed was a perfect match for her slightly outrageous personality. That being said, I wondered what type of legendary antics they’d planned for their special day, given their edgy lifestyle.

The wedding was a complete and pleasant surprise. Beautiful from the very start, the ceremony opened with music that set the tone for what would be a happy, mature and respectful tribute to their love for each other. They’d arranged to have a wedding violinist Manchester playing the most lilting and heart warming music as their guests entered the chapel. What I had anticipated as a slapped together inappropriate wedding turned out to be a lovely tribute to their day of devotion, and I believe the first notes from the violin ushered in the perfect wedding day.

To Be Or Not To Be A Walk-in Bathtub Owner–That Is The Question!

To be or not to be a walk-in bathtub owner, that is the question. Regardless whether a home has at least two Bolton bathrooms, there are a myriad of things to consider. While those infomercials praise them for safety, physical ease and convenience, the things not mentioned may or may not answer the question. On average, to replace a 60” standard bathtub with a walk-in costs around $5,000 for the unit plus $15,000 for installation. Since walk-ins use 5 to 6 gallons of water more than regular tubs, waterheater size becomes a consideration. The amount of water pressure eminating from the home’s water source is a factor. The walk-in must be almost totally empty before exiting which takes 5 minutes or longer depending on drainage factors. If physical mobility is an issue, the expense of installing a walk-in tub can be cheaper than paying for a personal-care assistance aide.